Magnesite Obsessions

Have you heard about my serious crush on White Magnesite? I have been oohing and ahhing over these perfectly off-white stones for a while and am so excited to share them with you.

The magnesite beads I have been designing with are earthy, warm and remind me of sunny summer days spent on the beach with the surf at your toes and the sand in your hair.

I literally couldn’t wait to hit the beach to show off my magnesite collection for you.

The Island Sky Necklace is the perfect understated statement piece (is that too much of a contradiction??) to add to your summer wardrobe.

Woodglade Jewelry Island Sky Necklace
A beautiful morning at the beach.

White magnesite was the inspiration for my signature Buddha bracelets – which you can also find in pink tourmaline and black onyx.


Woodglade Jewelry White Magnesite Bracelet
I found the perfect resting spot.

I loved the look of the antique gold Buddha heads with magnesite so much that I used the two together in the design for my new Zen Necklaces. These simple drop pendants hang on a mid-length chain and have become my go-to for daily wear.

Magnesite Zen Necklace
Wearing Magnesite Zen Necklace

You can also find magnesite spikes on the ends of my leather wrap chokers. The options for wearing these wraps are endless. Be sure to tag #wearwoodglade and #woodgladejewelry so I can see how you style your wrap choker.

Leather Wrap Choker
Leather Wrap Choker Worn as a Bracelet

Magnesite is said to increase the joy and happiness in a person’s life. This is probably one of the reasons why I am most drawn to it – I have always (since childhood) truly, deep-down believed that the purpose of life is to live it happy – blame it on my gemini-5 nature, I guess.

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