Recipe | Blackberry Pineapple Nice Cream

If you’re anything like me, you love a good cold ice cream. But, with my limited galley space for keeping lots of freezer foods on board and avoidance of the evil added sugar I figured it was time to try whipping up a batch of Nice Cream for my self.

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Bananas are pretty much a stable aboard our tiny floating home – and they make up the base of this nice cream recipe. I added in a half pineapple and about a cup of blackberries. This is just a guess – I used whatever was left in the container after the fruit vulchers (aka – my children) claimed more than half.

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I chopped the bananas and pineapple into chunks, tossed them all into one of my large food storage containers and blended them all together with my immersion blender, until smooth. I’m sure a food processor, VitaMix, or blender would all be great tools for this job as well – but if you’ve ever been in a sailboat you’d know I wouldn’t have anywhere to keep one of those. I poured the blended fruit into a small loaf pan and popped it into my microscopic freezer.

Wait 1-2 hours. Tick tock, tick tock.


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Once your nice cream in scoopable, serve and enjoy. Its super tasty and seriously refreshing on a hot day. Or a cool day. Its all good.

If you leave the nice cream in the freezer too long, it will freeze solid. If this happens, you can leave it sit on your counter for about 30 minutes until its scoop-able again.

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· 4 large bananas

· Half of a large pineapple

· 1 cup blackberries


· Chopped bananas and pineapple into chunks. Place into blender/tall container with blackberries

· Blend until smooth

· Freeze for 1-2 hours

· Serve and enjoy

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